Since 2002, Azur Aviation is a leading Ferry/ demo flight.

Specialist Airbus A320, A330/340, A350,

Boeing B737,B747,B757/767, B777,B787,

ATR all series etc.,

Our ferry flight division provides 24/7 customer support to provide the best services

to the majors airlines, MRO’s, aircraft manufacturers and aircraft leasing companies

Flight Services

Specific Flights

Ferry flights

Flight Crews

Aircraft services
Insurance and registeration

Insurance and registeration

Because we have a very good relationship with the major airlines, we have the ability to locate any Regional ,Medium or Heavy Aircraft  available anywhere in the world.

We can at a short notification arrange a short or a long-term ACMI lease contract or even arrange the purchase of any aircraft .

We'll be happy to receive your mandate  to enter into a working relationship with you to fulfill your needs

Clearances and waiver

Clearances and waiver

We have a great know how on:

  • Diplomatic clearances
  • TSA waiver & security clearances
Fees and permission

Fees and permission

We're helping you for all your demands concerning

  • Over flight / landing permissions
  • Diplomatic clearances
  • TSA waiver & security clearances


Number of years of activity


Number of planes supported


Taux de succès

Targeted planes
  • Boeing2


  • ATR


  • Airbus2


  • airbus A320

    airbus A320

  • Boeing B737

    Boeing B737

  • Airbus A350

    Airbus A350

  • ATR2